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In total there are more than 3000 supermarkets in Denmark, divided in hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount markets and hard discounters. They all differ from each other, and require different approach. We have extensive experience in cooperation with the Danish retailers, and our network enables us to introduce new products to the market.
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Pharma & Drug

In Denmark the Pharmacies and the Drugstores are coming close to a dotted line. Matas comes close to a monopolist in the drug channel, where the pharmacies are slowly trying to catch up.
In total there are more than 700 stores in Denmark, and the number is slowly increasing.
The pharmacy business in Denmark is liberated to en extend, that the pharmacies are allowed to sell consumer goods, as long as they can help you with a medical condition. If you are in doubt whether or not your product can be sold in the Danish pharmacies, please feel free to contact us. 



The Danish retail market varies in many ways.
Whether it is sports, decoration, house-making, electronics or clothing, there is a solution.
We always consider which channel is the right one for your brands, so we make sure the brand value is not compromised while sales is increasing.
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